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16th September 2019
I've been doing some work on a PCB drill so I don't have to give myself a lot of grief trying to drill accurate holes in the boards.
22nd April 2019
Well, it's been a year since my last update - I've moved house (again), and been doing work on it - although I'm not really in any position to document it. I have decided that I do want to get back into making PCBs, and I've been trying a few techniques out, which I'll be writing about shortly. In the meantime, I've been writing a front end to Gerber2PDF which allows me to use Altium in my workflow (which didn't work terribly well).
2nd April 2018
After a heck of a lot of messing around trying to get it working, Sonor is now working (mostly) as a 32-bit RISC OS application, and can load/play samples on a Raspberry Pi (running RISC OS, of course!)
1st April 2018
I've been updating my autobuild system to use Jenkins, and I've been able to get RISC_OSLib and my own RISC_OSLib+ libraries to compile under GCCSDK. RISC_OSLib may not be 100% complete; I'm only converting the assembly files to C as and when I need them.
However, I have now completed my first 32-bit conversion of one of my RISC_OSLib programs - !Thieves. Seems to work fine on the Raspberry Pi...
If you need a GCCSDK version of RISC_OSLib, then you can get it from my autobuild site. If there's something missing, then I'll update it (and everything else that derives from it should automatically be rebuilt as well.
12th February 2018
I found some pictures of some electronics that I used to light some Lego. This was actually done around June 2013 - although my garage build was a higher priority at the time!
12th December 2017
My wife and I moved house last month, and it's been a bit hectic. It was only last Saturday (9th) that I finally got all the stuff that had been put in storage at my mother's house back since January last year. Since then, I'd only been using two monitors, which didn't really let me feel productive enough. Now I'm back to three, and I've been continuing to get something working that I'd started after recovering the data from my RiscPC's hard drives.
In case you missed it, you can get Equinox (documentation available here). And I've also been able to get the FahZhi play module compiled in GCCSDK. This is actually used by Equinox, and also the FahZhi sequencer I started a long time ago. 2005 - wow!
3rd October 2017
I've now been able to get a lot of stuff off my RiscPC's hard drives, and making notes as to what I've found.
9th September 2017
I've been making some changes to ROVLib insofar as being able to download via SVN, and now everything should build via GCCSDK (which will be the only thing that will be maintained)
7th August 2017
3rd April 2017
Okay, so I've not really posted much of what's been happening the past year - mainly because my job got modified into a hardware role, which is what I liked to do at home anyway, but then doing the same thing all day can get tedious... Unfortunately, one of our cats, Priya, got hit by a car and she lost her tail - and in January, she got hit by a car but lost her life this time.... Also, I'm in the process of moving house, which is stressful on top of a further change at work to a hardware management role (which means that I may want to do real hardware stuff at home again) - which I can't do until we've actually moved... The wedding aniversary was fun though!
15th April 2016
I got married on 1st April 2016, and I've now got some pictures of the day from the photographer.
18th March 2016
Okay, it's been a while since I've updated the site. But I have decided that I won't be doing any more work on Eagle parts search as I've been forced to use Altium at work, and while it has it's foibles, it probably is better than Eagle.
10th August 2015
16th March 2015
I've started a 3D printed martian.
20th November 2014
I've had a 3D printer for a while now, but I've only just decided to make a section on some of the stuff I've done with it.
9th March 2014
I've finished my stint with MacOS. Because Apple haven't made a definitive statement about support for Snow Leopard, and given the recent (really crap) security problem which hasn't been addressed in Snow Leopard, I've decided to make a home-brew PC - based on Hackintosh rules (in case I do want to install MacOS on it). I'm now pretty much fully migrated (except for any music software). The new machine is an i7-4770K overclocked to 4.3GHz computer, which should suffice for quite a while (especially given my Mac Pro 1,1 has lasted me 6+ years). It definitely makes the Mac Pro look sluggisgh!
27th April 2013
I've been rebuilding my garage, and instead of doing the usual write-up-with-pictures of this, I've been using my digital camera, and an automatic shutter control gizmo to create time-lapse photographs.
24th March 2013
I've now done the work with the images - I'll wait to see how much of a bandwidth reduction this has. I did find some old pictures of Fry and Leela after I'd brought them home though, as well as a partially written guide on how I make two-layer PCBs which I finished off.
I also added some pictures of my Life On Mars canvas I got made - it's in the Lightwave section.
23rd March 2013
I'll be doing some work with the image linking today, so some of the image links may not work while I'm playing. The aim is to reduce the bandwidth consumed by robots visiting some of the large images I have on my site.
3rd March 2013
A couple of minor things: I've corrected the links below for the power control systems below, and also the Marcos Mantula rebuild site is now back online after I'd upgraded the PHP version which Serendipity didn't like.
27th January 2013
I've had to make a 3rd version of the power control system, because the relays started to stick.
20th January 2013
I've made a 2nd version of a power control system which uses USB to enable power automatically whenever either of my computers turn on.
21st October 2012 - STL Cutter 2
Well, I've sold the CNC machine I was making, so today I went to the new owner's workshop to put it back together again - and give it a test.
2nd July 2012 - ArcCommand
I've had enough. ArcCommand is back.
23rd June 2012 - Desk 2
Another desk is my latest thing - which is coupled with my spare bedroom.
25th May 2012 - It's been a while...
I've not updated this site for over a year now - I've been working on a hardware project which is a bit secret at this moment in time, but I have just received my Raspberry Pi, which I'll be doing other hardware things with. I'll keep notes...
18th April 2011 - Website redesign
I started to redesign my website, but I couldn't come up with a design I liked - so I've put the old one back for the moment.
19th December 2010 - Synthings
I've decided that my digital FPGA-based synthesizer work should have its own web site, along with a blog to go with it. The main site is meant to be more factual, and the blog more discussive.
16th May 2010 - Eagle PCB parts search
I've made an online Eagle PCB parts search facility.
15th May 2010 - Comments (continued)
I'd made a mistake while doing the comments system - I store an MD5 hash of the URL that was visited in the database, and not the URL itself. Unfortunately, I didn't have a way to find out the URL from the MD5 hash, so if a comment had been made, I had to guess based on the context of the comment where the page is.
Due to a holiday away, I've only just spotted that someone has posted a comment, but I don't know where. As a result, I've added in the URL to the comments system so I can work out where the comment was made - and also it'll email me to say that a comment has been added. I've now found the comment (again, by guesswork), so have replied.
1st April 2010 - Aeon Dashboard
The follow-on project from the XilVGA has started - a new dashboard for my Aeon.
1st April 2010 - Comments
No, this isn't an April Fool's joke. You can now comment on all PHP pages on www.tribbeck.com - there's a link at the bottom. It's a bit experimental though!
13th March 2010 - Xilinx VGA
I'm making a board to produce a VGA display using an FPGA.
31st January 2010 - XilLogic software
I need some software for a Xilinx-based Logic Analyser I've made.
22nd January 2010 - Xilinx
I've made a Xilinx mezzanine development board.
6th January 2010 - Snow
We had some more snow today.
5th December 2009 - Eagle PCB Libraries
I've made available some of the component libraries I've done for Eagle PCB.
29th October 2009 - Laser/smoke effects in Lightwave
I've been experimenting with creating laser effects in smoke using Lightwave.
20th October 2009 - ARMCommand
This is a project that I've been working on.
27th July 2009 - STLCutter 2
I've started a second version of a 2.5D CNC milling machine.
14th July 2009 - 10 years old
While doing a bit of tidying up the PCBs section below, I've just noticed that the earliest entry was just over 10 years ago! And nnoyingly, the counter hasn't worked since January 2008!
12th July 2009 - Making PCBs
29th June 2009 - Server move
Well, it looks like this has survived the server move I've just done
17th March 2009 - Matrix Orbital direct drive code in PERL
If you don't want to use LCDproc (LCDd), then you can drive a Matrix Orbital LK202-USB-24 directly in PERL. Although, I'm sure LCDproc should do everything you need anyway...
3rd February 2009 - Snow
We had some snow today, which made it a bit interesting getting into work.
13 August 2008 - Marcos Mantula rebuild
I've now started rebuilding a friend of mine's Marcos Mantula.
8 May 2008 - MacOS ArcCommand
As an intellectual exercise, I ported ArcCommand to MacOS.
18 Jan 2008 - Server move and more ROM images
I've moved my server, and also uploaded some new ROM images.
27 Jun 2007 - Music tracks released as MP3
You can now download MP3 versions of the music I've written for both the Preliminary Designs and Passport To Tomorrow albums. I've also announced the start of my third album - 08:13:21.
06 Feb 2007 - Even more pictures of my cats
I'd decided to put all my pictures in an archive, and extracted all the (nice) pictures of my cats I'd not shown before. Here they are.
12 Dec 2006 - More Lightwave pictures
Okay, so it may not look like I've been doing much - I have done a bit more to ACED, but my current thing is to get a lot more experience with Lightwave modelling - by recreating a certain album cover.
03 Aug 2006 - Lightwave pictures
I've decided to upload some of my Lightwave images.
26 Apr 2006 - Cloe
Since I'm finally going to drop the "chios.org.uk" domain name, I've made a copy of the Cloe notes.
14 Apr 2006 - GP2X
I decided to get myself a GP2X to play with.
16 Sep 2005 - Next kit car (again!)
I decided earlier in the month what my next kit car will be. It'll be the Aeon GT³ - and I've set up a web site.
14 Sep 2005 - HTTP acceleration
I've set up two HTTP acceleration servers for this domain - you should get better access to the server.
2 Sep 2005 - Test drive
I went on a test drive of the Aeon car that I'm probably going to build next.
10 Aug 2005 - Stork
I found some pictures of the Acorn Stork.
29 Jul 2005 - More stuff
Thanks to the WayBackMachine, I've recovered the computer case I made. I've also grabbed some new and old pictures of my cats.
07 Jul 2005 - New design
Now FireFox is available for RISC OS, it's time I upated my site to use CSS. If you want the old site, it is available from here - although it is not being maintained.
29 Jun 2005 - MPEG
I've been playing with MPEG video files. Here are the notes of my experiments.
18 May 2005 - A9 ROM image
Two A9 ROM images are now available for download from the RISC OS ROM Images site.
17 May 2005 - Signs
I came across a funny sign today, so decided to stick it here.
17 May 2005 - Falcom Twist
We use these GPRS modems at work, and they have a tendancy to beep. A lot. Here's how to silence them permanently
01 May 2005 - Next kit car
I've been looking at what to get for my next kit car.
07 Mar 2005 - RISC OS Adjust
The Adjust ROM image is now available for download from the RISC OS ROM Images site.
09 Jan 2005 - FahZhi Tracker
I've been working on a music playroutine for Equinox that has evolved into a sequencer project.
04 Jan 2005 - Cats
I've got two cats, and I thought it was about time I uploaded some pictures of them.
03 Jan 2005 - Music for Equinox
Actually, I need a new playroutine for Equinox music - which has ended up as being a sequencer project instead.
15 Dec 2004 - I'm running out of space
so I've moved a lot of my stuff to the loft. Since some of it is obscure, I thought I'd take some photos of it beforehand.
11 Nov 2004 - Equinox
This is something that I've been working on - a game called Equinox that I started in 1992, and restarted it in 2002. Note that the DNS may not have propagated immediately...
12 Aug 2004 - I've found a lot of pictures of my other car
My other kit car now has some more pictures available.
13 Jul 2004 - Steel Cobra
Although I've been too busy building my other car and trailer, the Steel Cobra images are now back up.
13 Jul 2004 - ROM images
The RISC OS ROM Images section is now available again.
13 Jul 2004 - Another backup
I've found a slightly later backup of my web site, so I'll be transferring data from it.
18 Jun 2004 - Redbus
Thanks to Redbus and their lack of power management, I've had to revert to an old copy of the site. Pretty much everything else has now gone :(. I do intend to recreate as much as possible, and also redesign it as well.

21 May 2002 - Kittens
I bought some kittens today.
24 Apr 2002 - My other car
My other kit car now has some pictures available.
14 Feb 2002 - ArcCommand now withdrawn
This was added as news on 24 Apr 2002, but happened at that date. Information is available from Acorn Arcade. Please disregard any ArcCommand messages after this line.
26 Jan 2002 - ArcCommand build 95 available
Available here, it's the latest version of the game in RISC OS, Windows and Linux guises. The pages have also been updated.
02 Oct 2001 - Thieves (card game) available
I found this loafing on my hard drive that I'd written about 8 years ago...
19 Aug 2001 - ArcCommand beta available
My version of Peter Irvin's Starship Command is available from here.
19 Jul 2001 - Dune II available
You can now download Dune II (Acorn version) from this site.
16 May 2001 - VoiceCon 0.08 released
VoiceCon 0.08 has been released, with features such as device drivers, URL opening, improved recognition, improved profile systems.
It has been a while since anything worthy enough to put on my site, but I do have a number of projects that I am working on which should be released during the year.
14 Feb 2000 - CalPOP3 available
CalPOP3 is now available for download. It is a replacement for Voyager's POP3 fetcher, based on some code that I had kicking around.
14 Feb 2000 - Some images of my car available
I wrote these pages a while back, but haven't linked to it. There are some more images to go in there, when I have time. This is the main reason for me being so quiet in development...
09 Nov 1999 - WindowRd available
WindowRd has been slightly updated, and is available for download. WindowRd is a program I wrote 4 years ago to capture RISC OS windows and so forth so that they can be used in menus. This version has been updated to allow 32bpp windows to be captured without errors when loading into !Paint.
09 Nov 1999 - DesPass available
DesPass is a simple program that allows you to create DES encrypted passwords suitable for uploading to web servers, such as Apache-based web servers (but should work with others). There are instructions for use with ArgoNet's servers.
25 Oct 1999 - LongFiles 3.00 beta available
LongFiles 3.00 beta has been finished, and is now available for download. The key feature is automatic support for RISC OS 4, in that discs formatted for RISC OS 4 will not use the LongFiles extensions.
08 Jul 1999 - Sonor and Sonor Jnr example files now available
You can now download example files for Sonor and Sonor Jnr from the Sonor download directory.
23 Jun 1999 - Old VTi software now available
VTi (now Argo Interactive) have given me permission to allow full copies of some software that I wrote for them a few years ago. These are Sonor, Sonor Jnr, Talking Canvas Junior and Desktop Tracker. They are available from http://www.tribbeck.com/sonor/. Please note that there is no support available for these programs.